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Arizona Peridot
Arizona peridot

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Arizona Peridot


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1 Carat Rectangular Cut Peridot

Carat weight: 1.00

Arizona Peridot

Arizona peridot comes from the San Carlos Indian Reservation approximately 100 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. Local members of the tribe mine on top of Peridot Mesa using hand tools to pry the green peridot crystals from pockets inside the volcanic basalt matrix. Occasionally dynamite is used to open up new or existing prospects. Much of the Arizona peridot that is retrieved is heavily included or of a less desirable olive green color. We purchase select parcels of rough Arizona green peridot from the miners and have the stones custom cut to our specifications. Of the material we receive, only a few pieces are truly gem quality. Enhancements or treatments are not typically performed on Arizona peridot and you will find none in our loose peridot. Arizona peridot is notorious for having cleavage planes and inclusions but when you get a nice piece of rough the finished gemstone is amazing. What to look for? Cleavage planes or veils will show up as a white fissure cutting across the loose gemstones. These are easy to see in a cut stone and should be avoided as they affect the value and durability. None of our peridot will have these cleavage planes. Color should be a bright yellow green or lime green without any olive or brown overtones. Inclusions are typical and consist of black dots, lily pads, and veils. High quality Arizona peridot will have good clarity with a minimum number of flaws. A flawless green peridot will be priced slightly higher but is also more rare. peridot.jpg
Arizona Peridot

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