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1 Carat Rectangular Cut Peridot

Carat weight: 1.00

Peridot Prices

Poor quality peridot gemstones are very inexpensive and there is much of it available. These are often brown, olive, or very pale green (almost clear) with many inclusions and not that attractive. These stones can usually be purchased for a few dollars per carat.

High quality peridot is still reasonably priced compared to many other colored gemstones and can be purchased for around $50-$150 per carat. Exceptional larger peridot stones from Burma, Pakistan and Arizona can go as high as $300-500 per carat.

Burmese peridot has traditionally been considered the best with beautiful green colors and a somewhat sleepy appearance due to their unique inclusions. Not much material is currently coming out of Burma.

Pakistani peridot is next on the list with a nice crisp green color. The supply of high-end Pakistani peridot has gone down the last few years but plenty of lower quality gemstones are still available. We expect production to increase this year or next.

Arizona peridot generally has a more yellowish-green or lime green color than the Burmese or Pakistani material and is generally priced lower. Arizona has typically produced the majority of the world’s peridot supply. Occasionally pieces from Arizona will rival the best greens coming out of Burma and Pakistan. I actually prefer the lime green color of the Arizona peridot but of course I may be biased since I live here.

Many other locations produce gem quality peridot but the three listed above are considered the top producers.

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